Photos of Samsung’s rumoured new Galaxy Buds have leaked

If you were hoping for news of the new and mysterious Samsung Galaxy Buds at the IFA 2023 exhibition, Samsung didn’t deliver. The buds appear to be an affordable alternative rather than a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro (pictured above). But we know they exist, which means there’s a good chance they’re on their way. A new piece of evidence even shows what they’ll look like. 

All consumer electronics with radio tech inside need to go through regulatory approval and that means regulatory filings are a good source of information on unannounced products. And the forthcoming Galaxy Buds are no exception: as SamMobile reports, Samsung has been granted certification by regulators in Korea – and their filing includes what we think is the first actual photo of the new earbuds (see below).

What do we know about these new Samsung Galaxy Buds?

A screenshot of the regulatory filing for Samsung's rumored Galaxy Buds

The regulatory filing that shows the rumored Galaxy Buds (Image credit: PhoneArena)

We think these are the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3, although the official name hasn’t been announced. They have the Samsung model number SM-R400N and if the photo is of the actual shipping product then it looks like Samsung is going back to a more retro design. To our eyes they look very reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus of 2021, not least because they seem to have a similar winged design for a snug fit.

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