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If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. I have been always passionate about tools. I always loved experimenting until I can find the right tool for the right task. Being a Front-End Developer requires to know the tools that exist and choose the one that will perform the task faster and better. Based on hours of research and testing, I’m sharing all the applications I believe suits the best my work and daily workflow.

It’s a living MacOS configuration that, I hope, will also save you time for you to enjoy life more! With Homebrew comes brew-cask which will allow to install applications with the command line. Additionally, Zsh should be set as the default shell. Please open this then move Bartender to your Applications folder and launch it from there. Lightning-fast access to your menu bar items is now possible with Quick Reveal. Get instant access to your hidden menu bar items simply by moving your mouse to the menu bar, or if you prefer, by clicking the menu bar.

The Bartender Bar is back! Access your hidden menu bar items in the Bartender Bar beneath the menu bar. Great if you need more room for all your menu bar apps. Reduce the space between menu bar items using Bartender, allowing you to have the same spacing as previous macOS versions, or even less, allowing you to have more menu bar items.

Quick Search will change the way you use your menu bar apps. Enter Hidden Bar. An ultra-light, free, and open-source macOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons. Forgot Your Password. Reset Password mail sent, please check your inbox for further processing.

Would you like to reset your password? Please enter an email address and we will send you a reset link. Thanks for the download. Please check your email for the link. Visit Website. BarTender Alternatives and Competitors 20 Alternatives found. Top 5 BarTender Alternatives. There are actually two versions of ForkLift, ForkLift 3 which is the premium version that you use, and ForkLift 2 which is the free version available in the Mac App Store.

I actually prefer the free version, because I do a lot of server-to-server file copying using SFTP, and in ForkLift 2 these file are copied directly and do not reside on the local machine. But in ForkLift 3, for some inexplicable reason such files are first copied to a temporary local copy, and only when the file is fully received is it then copied to the destination system, therefore file transfers between remote systems take twice as long as in ForkLift 2.

Also, I like having the transfer progress bar always visible at a glance, which it is in ForkLift 2, but in ForkLift 3 you have to click a button to see it, which I find annoying. And beyond that, I see no advantage to using ForkLift 3, though I am sure there are reasons that some others might.

Since you note that there are free and premium versions of other software you list, you might want to also mention the free version of ForkLift in the App Store. Hey Mark, Thanks for the heads up regarding ForkLift. Is that one still being updated? I would be worried about compatibility with Catalina and such. Brian, I am so glad to see you writing again! Long time reader, Kinsta and perfmatters customer. Thanks for the Bear and Boxy suggestions.

As to a browser, I too am using chrome after trying Brave. Sync is really weak. You might like the Vivaldi browser from a co-founder of Brave. Really top notch sync and still chromium based.

I respect EFF, but find Badger a bit underwhelming performance wise. Hey Bill! The Brave team just recently announced they will be fixing their sync problem soon, so fingers crossed. Awesome list! I can tell you actually cared about writing this article, unlike a lot of people out there who just slap together a list. How about you try it out?

Thanks, ya I hate list posts. I think the Brave nightly has the new sync, but not the production version. We are really close! Hoping to be able to update this list with Brave instead of Chrome soon. Hey Alex! Missive is amazing! Great list. Mailplane is out of business… What do you use then? Mimestream is x better. Maybe I stare at screens too long, but that alone was a dealbreaker for me. I was never able to use Spark. I went down that rabbit hole.

Alfred is amazing! Great list Brian! I find it the most annoying feature ever. But I can see how it could be helpful if you lose track of your cursor frequently. Basic functionality is free. Developer seems like a cool guy. But I must say Bartender has served me very well over the years. Make your mouse leave a trail of stars If there were an award for the most pointless application ever, it may well go to Startrail, which does nothing more than leave a trail of stars behind your VirtualBox 5.

Alternatives to VirtualBox. Img2icns 1. Alternatives to Img2icns. Convert images into icons Imagine if you could turn your photos into icons – instead of generic looking photo album folders you could have your favorite photos to represent the album


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So recently I found a great free alternative, some of you might have already heard about it. It is called vanilla and it is pretty good. › Bartender. Dozer is a Free and Open Source Alternative to Bartender App for Mac. Almost every top/must have/best Mac apps list in existence for the past couple of. 1. Hidden Bar. Hidden Bar is an ultra lightweight app similar to Vanilla or Bartender, which allows you to hide or remove icons in your menu bar. Top 10 Alternatives to BarTender · Loftware NiceLabel · Loftware Spectrum · Fishbowl Inventory · EZOfficeInventory · Bartender Labeling Software · Acctivate Inventory.


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Alternatives to BumpTop. Add 3 dimensions to your desktop If you’ve found that the Dock, Spaces or Expose haven’t helped you lead a more productive and organized life on your Mac then take a look at BumpTop. LeoColorBar 1. Alternatives to LeoColorBar. Startrail 2.

Alternatives to Startrail. Make your mouse leave a trail of stars If there were an award for the most pointless application ever, it may well go to Startrail, which does nothing more than leave a trail of stars behind your VirtualBox 5. Alternatives to VirtualBox. Img2icns 1. Alternatives to Img2icns. Convert images into icons Imagine if you could turn your photos into icons – instead of generic looking photo album folders you could have your favorite photos to represent the album Samsung Smart Switch 4.

Alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch. Proxyman make it really easy to replace any file by a local version. Useful sometimes to debug production. I used “filters” on Gmail to organize most of my emails especially newsletters, bills, recurring emails I wish Gmail would have an easiest way to create these filters. I have a strict rule in regards to social apps on my professional Mac. These apps are mostly on my personal MacBook.

I try to practice as much as I can using the following applications. I’m planning in using more Figma as I don’t want to renew Sketch in regards to my real usage. Planning in using Figma instead when needed. Used Zeplin mostly at work. I remember when it first came out. A lot of updates and improvements since. Skip to content. Star MIT license.

This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Launching Visual Studio Code Your codespace will open once ready. Latest commit. Flowcode is the 1 QR code maker. Logo, color and design, backed with privacy and data, all included for free. Download high print quality files today.

Scandit is the leading technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality AR solutions for enterprises. Scandit software brings unrivaled scanning performance to any app on any camera-equipped smart device. Many of the world’s most successful companies use Scandit as part of their digital transformation. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader enables developers to quickly implement 1D and 2D barcode scanning into their applications running on different platforms.

On top of scanning linear barcodes, it can function as a powerful QR Code reader or a 2D imager. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK also has a leading edge on reading multiple or dozens of barcodes at once. This can greatly boost efficiency, especially when it comes to industrial manufacturing and inventory management where speed is important. IPOL has a wide range of clients whose system’s range from a single warehouse with 3 users, up to hundreds of warehouses with hundreds of users.

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MarkMagic solves barcode labels and forms design and printing challenges in one powerful software package. EdgeMagic is an RFID software system that simplifies complex challenges in inventory management, visibility, and supply chain logistics.

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Click here to get started today! Wave allows users to perform audits, asset tracking and inventories. Multiple Wave handhelds can connect and share data to a Pogi server.


Top 10 alternatives to Bartender for Mac

Alternatives to BarTender · Device42 · Label LIVE · Fishbowl · Flowtrac · inFlow Inventory · LOCATE Inventory · Cloud Label Service · CODESOFT. MultiDock: Organize your favorite folders, files and applications with Dock’s · Dozer: A Free and Open Source Alternative to Bartender App for. EZOfficeInventory. › Bartender. If you bought Bartender 3 after April you are entitled to a free upgrade to Bartender 4, Bartender 4 will accept and use your Bartender 3 license. How do I.

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